Thursday, November 4, 2010

18 months

I meant to get this posted sooner (since now Norah is closer to 19 months!) but time just keeps getting away from me! Things are still going really well. Norah is doing new things everyday. Her vocabulary has exploded in the last month. Now I hear "Mommy, mommy, mommy" over and over again:) It's cute but sometimes I wish she'd move on to another word! For a while every other word was owie so I guess Mommy is an improvement! I was trying to make a list of all the words she can say and there are quite a lot. She will also try to repeat any words I ask her to - they don't sound the same but she's trying! I know this will be boring, but I want to write it down so I remember.

She's now saying: mommy, grandma, grandpa, amber, matt, heather (howie), shoe, sock, hat, bye bye, hi, no, ball, puppy, pretty, apple, banana, snack, cookie, cracker, cheese, drink, owie, cold, hot, please, thank you, up, night night, sticker, all done

She also knows almost all of her animal sounds - her favorites are definitely a duck and a monkey (complete with arm motions!)

We went trick or treating and I really didn't think she would get into it since she really doesn't like sweets and really has no concept of candy yet, but oh was I wrong! She loved to walk right up to the doors and hold her bag up and say something that sounded like cookie (trying to say trick or treat). Then she would say thank you, bye-bye and then blow everyone kisses. She was quite the ham! Norah's cousin was dressed up as tigger and when Norah saw him, she looked at his ears and grabbed his tail and just started roaring at him - it was very cute. She helped me hand out candy too and would stand by the front door waiting for kids to come and then she would run over and grab my hand to take me to the door. When I would give out the candy, she would grab a piece out the bucket and say thank you and run to put it somewhere.

Lately her favorite thing is her socks - taking them off, putting them back on, pointing to them, showing me her socks.
Norah has also used the potty quite a few times! I don't push it but I leave it out in case she ever wants to use it and every once in a while she'll go in there and sit down. I know she's not ready for potty training yet since she will still run around in a dirty diaper but everytime she uses the potty means another diaper I don't have to change!

Here are some pics of what we'vebeen up to: