Friday, October 23, 2009

The Call

Well I got the call this week. My agency called me with information on a little boy. I was completely taken by surprise. For some reason I had it in my head that I would probably just get a call with travel dates and then have to go to Russia to get any information. So I was completely taken off guard when my agency emailed me a little bit of medical information and a picture. He is very cute but there were some concerns in his medical information so I sent the information to an adoption specialist to see what they thought. Unfortunately, the information I got back was not very good at all so I had to say no.

I was praying that it would become obvious whether I should say yes or no and after I got the doctor's asssessment the choice became very clear. My biggest fear was going all the way to see him and then realizing that he was very sick and coming home empty handed. Instead I had to say no before I went which in some ways is a blessing. I never wanted to have to say no to a referral but I know it happens to a lot of people and I was just hoping I wouldn't be one of them. I am very disappointed but I know it was the right choice. So now I just wait until they call again!