Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I talked with my agency last week and they gave me the option of registering my dossier in the Tula region. I really didn't know anything about this region but I said why not? I'm up for anything that might get me to Russia quicker! Here are a few things I learned about Tula:
  • It's located 2 hours south of Moscow (So not too far of a drive after the long plane ride!)
  • The city itself is older than Moscow (Means there should be some good architecture and sightseeing)
  • Tula was known as the greatest ironworking center of Eastern Europe and has a large weapons museum (I don't think that will be on my sightseeing list...)
  • The city is best known for making Samovars (it's a large metal container that boils water to make tea - sort of looks like a giant tea pot)
  • Tula is the home and burial place for Leo Tolstoy (writer of War & Peace)

Hopefully I will get to visit soon!