Friday, September 18, 2009

Top Of The List...

I spoke with my agency today on the phone. Usually I try not to call very often because I don't want to bug them too much. I don't want them rolling their eyes before they pick up my call because I call too much!! Anyway, I called today because I had been emailing them a few times this week and wanted to clear up a few misunderstandings - nothing major, just a misunderstanding on my true preferences.

Sometimes people will put certain preferences on their paperwork such as open to either gender, 4 years old or younger but really only want a girl under 18 months. They put a wider range on their paperwork just to cover themselves because it causes a lot of delays when you have to change your paperwork mid-process.

For instance: if you put that you only want 18 months or younger and you are referred an 18 month old, you will have to change your paperwork because by the time the adoption is complete they would be 20-24 months old and your paperwork would not match up with their age at completion. Major headaches!

Sooo, my agency wanted to discuss what my true preferences are. I made sure they know that I am truely open to either gender under 48 months. After we talked a while she told me I'm at the top of the list for a referral!! Don't get too excited - it will still be awhile. But because I have a wider range of age, it makes it a little easier to match me up than with someone with very specific preferences.

The bad news? I probably won't hear anything until the end of October/beginning of November. Things have really slowed down the last few months with a lot more Russian families fostering children. I was hoping it would be earlier than that, but I guess it just gives me more time to get things ready and save up money and vacation time!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


I went to Estes Park last weekend for my cousins wedding. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time hiking and just hanging out with family. Here are a few pictures from our hikes: