Sunday, August 1, 2010

We've Been Busy!

I can't believe it's been a month since I posted last! Time goes by fast and we've been really busy. Plus, I just don't have time to post anything anymore! Norah is still doing great. In the last few weeks she's really started showing affection and now will give me kisses and hugs. She can also blow kisses, but she has a little trouble with the blowing part. She understands everything I say and has started saying a few words. Right now she can say:

Mama, hi, ouch, shoes, icky, teeth, uh oh

She knows what puppies, pigs, lions, ducks, and kitties say too. The sound for pigs and lions is pretty much the same but oh well! She also knows what a bunny does too - she can't quite crinkle her nose so she uses her mouth. She knows how to blow bubbles and is starting to help me pick up her toys and put them back. One of her favorite games right now is take everything out of the toybox and then walk away and not play with any of it! I think that's pretty typical right now and at least I'm happy she'll help me pick it up! She is also really starting to like books. At first she would have nothing to do with them, but now she'll grab a book and back up to sit on my lap to read it. We usually don't get through the whole book, but we'll get there.

Eating has gotten so much better! She will still eat anything and everything, but we've slowed down a little. She will let me prepare food now and doesn't scream everytime she sees food and she's not eating. She will even let me finish eating my lunch when she's done with hers - progress! She is actually chewing food now too. I have been cutting her food into very tiny pieces because she would just swallow everything whole. But now she can actually take bites of things! It's very funny when I tell her to use her teeth- she just grins up at me and starts chomping. It's very cute.

We went to my parents lake house over the 4th and had a great time. Norah loves the water! She wasn't too wild about the life jacket though. We went swimming off the dock and she just kicked and splashed around. I also got engaged over the 4th - talk about being busy! Apparently I felt the need to have all the major events in my life happen at the same time! Here are some pictures from the 4th:

Not so sure about the sand:

I started back to work a couple weeks ago. The first week my family helped out and she started at the sitter this last week. Things are going pretty well - she loves the sitter which makes me happy. Our only issue is that she won't sleep very well there so I get a very tired little girl when I pick her up at night. But I think once she gets in a routine she will do better. She doesn't get upset when I leave - she just goes to the door and waves bye bye to me as I drive out and she's very excited when I pick her up. I was a little nervous about it because she has cried very hard both times I tried to leave her in the church nursery so I wasn't sure how she would do but so far so good! She also got her first black eye! It happened about 2 minutes before I walked out the door to go to work for my first day back (of course)! She fell on the dog and got an instant black eye. It's all better now though. Here are some pictures:

Going for a wagon ride:
Playing shopping - she'll go through the house and put things in her bag:

Looking pretty cool at the zoo. She loves her glasses!

Helping Mama clean. She loves to swiffer the walls :)

Having our first chocolate chip cookie!